villa gualino

A place to be.

Villa Gualino is located on the Turin’s hills, in the middle of San Vito’s park and very close to the city centre. The Building was commissioned in 1929 by financial entrepreneur Riccardo Gualino.

Gualino was a key character in Italian and European economic landscape since the beginning of the XX century, a true Twenties’ modern “visionnaire”, one of the most prominent European industrialists and one of the richest men in Italy. At the end of XX century Villa Gualino became property of Regione Piemonte, and today is an international pole for advanced training and research, headquarters of scientific institutions.

The new headquarters exhibit the artworks, paintings and photographs, of the artist Angela Pietribiasi.

Studio - Exhibition
Studio - Meeting Room
Studio - Virtual Room
Studio - Open space offices
Studio - Zen Garden
Studio - Terrace
Studio - Entrance night view